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Kungenskurva, Oxholmsgrand 2 Skarholmen, Stockholm, SE, 12724

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Along with the Gömmaren Nature Reserve, the Gömmaren lake forms part of one of the largest nature reserve in Sweden. The lake makes for a good destination for fishing, angling and even bathing, during the winters the iced surface is used for skating. A wide variety of flora and fauna is found in and around the lake's dense forests which are an ideal location for peaceful nature walks.

Huddinge, 141 32

»Gommaren Nature Reserve

Gömmaren Nature Reserve is a natural forest stretch around Lake Gommaren in Stockholm. The reserve stretches across an area of 660 hectares (1630 acres), encompassing a number of settlements. With its rich natural resources and wide variety of flora and fauna, the reserve is a famous spot for school trips and educational outings.

Huddinge, 141 32


Albysjön is a major tributary of Lake Mälaren. It is bordered by the municipalities of Botkyrka and Huddinge. The lake has been influential towards the development of the settlements it borders; providing for large scale fishing and angling. It is also home to a rich variety of flora and fauna.

Off Värdshusvägen
Tumba, 145 53

»Kina slott

Kina Slott is located in the southeast corner of the Baroque garden of Drottningholm Palace. The pavilion was built in the 1760s by replacing a building erected ten years earlier as a birthday present to Queen Lovisa Ulrika. The style has strong Chinese influences. Several smaller pavilions, among them the Confidencen, accompany the main structure. European Rococo dominates the exterior, but the exotic influence is obvious on the red wall and the sculptural decorations of the façade. The interior is predominantly Gustavian (Swedish Neo-Classicism) but here, too, the Chinese influence in tapestries and furniture is clearly visible. To reach the pavilion, take the subway to Brommaplan and then catch bus no. 301, 323, 177 or 178. Admission fee is SEK60.


»Ekebyhovs Slott

A wooden building of bold colors and lines and sprawling grounds surrounding it, the Ekebyhovs Slott is a castle built in the 17th century by Field Marshall Count Carl Gustaf Wrangel. The original stone castle which was built by Klas Horn at an earlier time no longer stands here. The luxurious interiors as well as the outside of the newer castle, however, were fully renovated by a well-known architect by the name of Ove Hidemark. Today, the place is used as a venue for social and cultural events, conferences, weddings and other private events.

Björkuddsvägen 107
Ekerö, 178 34

»Drottningholm Palace (Drottningholms Slott)

This Royal Palace is a private residence, home to the Royal Family of Sweden. Built in the 17th century, it has magnificent vast gardens, court theater and the Chinese pavilion. The palace was upgraded from a royal manor, which already existed during Gustav Vasa's time. Nicodemus Tessin designed it in 1662 for Queen Hedvig Eleonora. Now on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the palace got its name in the 1570s under King Johan III who had build it for Katarina Jagellonica. It was purchased by Queen Hedvig Eleonora in 1661 and was destroyed by fire the same year. Nicodemus Tessin completed the new palace and designed the French-inspired Baroque garden, which is still there. In 1744 Drottningholm Palace, was gifted as a wedding present to Princess Lovisa Ulrika of Prussia by King Fredrik I, upon her marriage to the Swedish heir apparent Adolf Fredrik.

Drottningholm, 178 02

»Lovö Runestones

A cluster of five runestones monuments dating to the Viking Age make up the iconic Lovö Runestones. These monuments are runic inscriptions on stones which can be found around the Lovö Church's premise. The inscriptions are identifiable as U 46, U 47, U 48, U 49, U 50, each of which distinguished with its runic text.

Ekero, 17893


If you are looking for upscale designer clothes or shoes, Biblioteksgatan is definitely for you. This is a small, but mostly exclusive shopping street, lined with boutiques and trendy night spots. If you peruse the signs on one of the façades facing Stureplan, you will see Sturegallerian, a shopping mall, which is worth a visit. There are quite a few exclusive shops, and a café with tremendous pastries. Shoppers on a tighter budget can also find interesting things here.

Stockholm, 168 39


The vast forest stretch of the Judarskogen encompasses a number of water bodies, one of which is the Lake Judarn. The lake is a tributary of the Mälaren. The lake is known for its high oxygen content which is a result of its low contamination levels. It is a popular spot for fishing among locals as it is home to many species of fish found here.

Stockholm, 168 41


Trekanten is a lake in Stockholm. The lake stretches across 13.5 hectares (33.35 acres) and borders a public park. With a rich chemical base, the lake is of great economic importance.

Stockholm, 11765

»Hagelbyparken, Tumba

HÅGELBYPARKEN is an open space garden with a long history. This place was first mentioned in the 13th Century during Bronze Age. Later on the place was converted into a private property and saw a lot of changes, but the gardens were retained. After changing many hands the place has now become a public garden though it is still owned and managed by Botkyrka Kommun Association. HÅGELBYPARKEN has been mentioned in numerious poems and works of fiction for its beauty and charm. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life, this place is a nice change with its thick trees and fresh air. 

Hagelby Gard
Tumba, 147 43

»Olaus Petri kyrka

The Olaus Petri is located in the western wing of a residential building. It has been incorporated into the Oscar Church. The main entrance is located on the western side of the building. A beautiful painting by Olle Nyman adorns the wall of the main hall. The baptismal font, altar and pulpit are designed in white marble with subtle simplicity.

Gamla Essinge Broväg
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