Via Martiri della Liberta 267, Roncadelle, IT, 25030

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    This welcoming and pleasant restaurant seems to be a favorite among the Brescians; the cuisine is mainly fish-based, obviously only the freshest fish is used, cooked simply, following tried and trusted recipes. The steamed crustaceans with oil and a delicious pinzimonio (sauce for crustaceans) are excellent and the fresh prawns or the fresh pasta (embellished with fish and seafood) are no less worthy of praise. You can also enjoy the sea bream, dentex (a type sea bream) sea bass and bass baked in foil, with vegetables or with salted. The desserts are also very good, delicious in their simplicity. There is a limited wine list.

    Via Matteotti 19a
    Brescia, 25100


    In the Chiesanuova quarter, you will find one of the best Brescian restaurants, a business that is completely family run, with mamma Maria in the kitchen. The restaurant seats 25, the food is well thought out and prepared, and accompanied by exquisite wines. The dishes are mainly traditional but with a twist, often using unusual ingredients: the insaccati, sausages are excellent, and the following dishes should be tried: terrines and casseroles, the culatello di zibello or the artichoke timbale; among the pastas (all of which are homemade) you must try the ravioli al trevisano with gorgonzola sauce or the Trevisan casoncelli and gorgonzola, followed by meats such as fried cutlet alla milanese lightly breaded, just as tasty is the honeyed pigeon. The desserts are out of this world!! Treats such as the amaretti semifreddo or the chocolate mille feuille.

    Via dei Gelsi 5
    Brescia, 25100

    »Il Labirinto

    Elegance, trust and professionalism are the characteristics of this famous restaurant in Brescia which is a good place for anyone who wants to try something new without worrying about what they will be served. In fact, this is a classic restaurant in Brescia thanks to the chef Raffaele Ciappi who offers a long list of delights such as dried salted cod with lettuce sauce, fresh pasta with prawns and zucchini, lasagna with duck sauce and guinea fowl with truffles. The desserts will not disappoint as they have excellent cakes such as apple cake or chocolate marquise with a pistachio sauce.

    Via Corsica 224
    Brescia, 25100


    This restaurant has been well known for its taste and style for over a quarter of a century. It is located on Via Cipro, in the heart of the Brescia's business world. Busy and popular at lunchtime, the evening brings to it a magical, romantic atmosphere, just right for those seeking an intimate, welcoming place. The chef, Mauro Puccini, proposes some excellent dishes; mainly Tuscan in origin, they vary according to season, but you will find traditional recipes including spicy penne pasta alla Lorenzaccio. Ingredients are first-rate, combining unusual and contrasting flavors: Tuscan salami, soppressata (salami) and finocchione, zucchini flowers with crispy guanciale and melon coulis, vegetable tartlets, grated goat's cheese with a vegetable salad, pasta with sweet green pepper, ribollita, cacio e pepe spaghetti, spelt soup, sword fish and smoked provola cheese parcels, beef en croute parmesan with balsamic vinegar, rib steak and veal kidney. The desserts are also delicious, among them the semifreddi, tarts, almond or hazelnut cakes, fruit mouse and to round off the meal, a famous cremina digestive with cantucci biscuits. There is a good wine list available.

    Via Cipro 78
    Brescia, 25100


    Enjoy sumptuous Italian cuisine and sparkling wines at the Nerobianco. It also offers catering services for special occasions or parties. Check website for more details.

    Piazza Monsignor Giuseppe Almici 24
    Brescia, 25124

    »Papeete Beach

    This place could be in the tropics. It's actually in Brescia, but it is easy to get confused. All the furnishings and the atmosphere are reminiscent of the beautiful scenery of the oceanic islands. It is a bar, a restaurant and a disco, open all day long offering Mediterranean cuisine and a good wine cellar. However, it really gets exciting here at night when you can dance to the sounds of the expert, trendy DJs and sip your favorite drinks. Music includes commercial and pop rock and they also have karaoke.

    Via Aldo Moro 18
    Brescia, 25100

    »Caffè Impero

    Its 69 years of history has made it into one of the most evocative cafés in the city. The imperial-style café was inaugurated in 1932 in Piazza Vittoria, ex quartiere di S. Ambrogio, which saw the end of a long period of reconstruction that began in 1926 according to the designs of Marcello Piacentini and according to the canons of fascist architecture. The café is famous for its aperitifs, especially those that are made from fruit and created in the café itself by the fascinating Lucia, with her dark eyes and a cascade of tumbling curls. The white marble bar top is loaded with snacks and appetizers. There are not many tables but there are two floors joined together by a spiral staircase made of iron. This place is packed even in the morning and remains open until late. On Fridays and Saturdays, you will still find people here after midnight.

    Piazza Vittoria 9a
    Brescia, 25122

    »La Sosta

    Coming here is like going to a bar from another time, as there are dim lights, eighteenth century furniture and Renaissance columns. It is a perfect place to taste sophisticated French food, such as soufflés with prawns, salmon or cheese, as well as crêpes and foie gras. From this side of the Alps they serve truffle risotto, rosemary ravioli, kid with polenta and pumpkin pasta. You will always find the right wine for each dish and each occasion.

    Via San Martino della Battaglia 20
    Brescia, 25100

    »Da Ciospo

    There is a friendly, pleasant atmosphere in this place that offers tasty, genuine food. In a city where most restaurants are fairly expensive, this is a place where you can eat well without being totally cleaned out when the bill comes. They have a fixed menu at a fixed price and the dishes vary according to the day and the mood of the chef, but are always served in generous portions. The strong points of the restaurant include pasta and beans and Brescian rabbit. End the meal with a homemade dessert and the house wine. Outside seating in summer.

    Via San Zeno 22
    Brescia, 25124

    »La Vineria

    This is not strictly a restaurant, as there is a bar and good wine. This is place where you can eat and drink all day in the center of Brescia. The food choices are written on a simple board that shows you the delights of the day such as a classic cut of beef. Throughout the year they also offer a Lombard menu with dishes such as beans and saffron and stuffed beef. Even if you don't want to eat a lot, the restaurant always serves little bites and small pizzas with their wines. The restaurant is closed for dinner on Monday and Thursday and for the entire day on Sunday. Call ahead for hours.

    Via X Giornate 4
    Brescia, 25100

    »Taverna del Moretto

    This elegant trattoria is located in one of the most run down areas of Brescia. It has a peaceful atmosphere, and is for those with refined palates and stuffed wallets! The menu is based on primary flavors, which are not destroyed by the admission of pans, ovens, sauces and side dishes. The seafood salad with aromatic oil is well worth trying, as are the pastas and risottos with shrimp, baked fish dishes, and the desserts, which are delicate and flavorsome. A limited but adequate wine list is available.

    Via Nino Bixio 19
    Brescia, 25100

    »L' Altro Bar

    This bar, located in Piazza Paolo VI has a strange title, to point out to passers-by that it is much more than a simple bar where clients gulp down a coffee and a cornet. In fact, the furnishings are modern, welcoming and calm, the central arch made of stone and the walls covered with pictures of women on the wall make this an ideal location for those who want to take a break from the daily chaos and frenzy outside, while enjoying a drink or eating one of the many cold dishes on offer, but this is also a place for the more "cheerful" who want to drink a cocktail and to chat with each other until the wee small hours (although this can only happen on Friday and Saturday evenings)

    Piazza Paolo VI, 22
    Brescia, 25122
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