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Eklandagatan 51-53, Gothenburg, SE, 40022

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    »Carlanderska Parken

    Carlanderska is a private nursing hospital that used to house a regiment. The park within the hospital is situated on Eklandagatan, just behind Renströmsparken. From here, you can enjoy a cool view of Liseberg. It is said that the small hill next to the hospital used to hold gallows.

    Gothenborg, 405 45


    Designed by architect Sigfrid Ericson, Johannebergskyrkan church opened its doors on Thanksgiving Day 1940, when the world was besieged by World War II. The stunning altar piece, which is a bronze sculpture by Johan Lundqvist, but the true highlight of the church, perhaps not known to many, is its underground, spherical room located underground. While it is not very clear as to what purpose this room served, it is commonly believed that it was a refuge against gun fighting, bomb attacks and frequent battles during the war. Johannebergskyrkan also organizes workshops, bible lessons and events for both children and adults.  

    Walleriusgatan 1
    Gothenburg, 412 58

    »Gothenburg University Library

     Gothenburg University Library features 10 different libraries. Learning Resource Centres are also a part of this library. Gothenbury University Library also happens to be one of the most visited libraries in this country. Nearly 1.6 million people visit Gothenburg University Library for various kinds of research work. It is also a place where researchers, teachers and students belonging to University of Gothenburg meet and interact. Gothenburg's citizens also use this library as a cultural centre, apart from a culture and knowledge resource. KvinnSam, a library covering gender studies is also housed inside the Gothenburg University Library. You can check the website for library opening and closing hours.  

    Renströmsgatan 4
    Gothenburg, 405 30


    Renströmsparken is located just behind Götaplatsen. There are many university buildings in the park, for instance the Gothenburg University Library, the Central Library and the faculty building, Humanisten. In front of the library and Humanisten, there is a sculpture named Solringen, which consists of a large circle and a small fountain. In the summer, it is very refreshing to sit by the sculpture with your feet submerged in the fountain. There is also a pond in the park called Näckrosdammen (the Water-Lily Pond). For the children, there is a small playground next to the pond. Renströmsparken is only a few minutes' walk from Götaplatsen.

    Renströmsparken 4
    Gothenburg, 412 55


    Näckrosdammen (the Lily Pond) is in Renströmsparken. There is never much snow in Gothenburg, and is usually not cold enough for the water to freeze; but when it does, take your skates down to Näckrosdammen. Just check that the ice is strong enough. No ice-skate hire is available here. There are a few benches around the park to rest on. During term-time, the cafeteria in the Humanisten university building is open in case you get hungry. Catch buses 40 or 41 to Götaplatsen to get here.

    off Olof Wijkskatan
    Gothenburg, 412 56


    At Scandinavia's largest amusement park, called Liseberg, you'll find rides ranging from child-friendly carousels to terrifying roller-coasters. The main stage offers concerts by many famous Swedish and international artists. The park is open daily May to August, on weekends only in April and September-October. Liseberg is also open for a short winter season, when you can enjoy a typical Swedish Christmas market and pony riding. Call ahead for varied dates.

    Gothenburg, 402 22

    »Stadsbiblioteket Göteborg

    The Stadsbiblioteket is the city library of Gothenburg. In addition to the obvious collection of books at this library, there are also exhibitions, classes and all kinds of local events.

    Götaplatsen 3
    Gothenburg, 402 29


    Götaplatsen was built in 1923 for the World Exhibition the same year. The large statue of the sea god Poseidon by Swedish artist Carl Mille was uncovered in 1931. There is an old superstition that states that if you are unmarried and take a photo of the statue, you will remain single. The Gothenburg Art Museum, Concert Hall and City Theater are all located here. From the top of the stairs of the Art Museum, you have a great view of Kungportsavenyn. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a coffee and just marvel at the view. There is a café and restaurant in the Art Museum in case you get hungry.

    Viktor Rydbergsgatan & Berzelligatan

    »Vasa Församling

    Apart from flaunting marvelous architecture, this early 19th Century church is still very active as far as community involvement goes. Vasa Församling is not only a place of worship, but also a venue for plenty events. Be it concerts, the preschool, open houses or organizing trips around Europe, this church is all up for the society welfare in its true sense.

    Vasa kyrkoplan
    Gothenburg, 411 27


    At Laserdome, two teams compete against each other in a dark arena made up to look like a futuristic world. All of the participants have their own light weapons, and since the arena is filled with smoke, the beams from the weapons are visible. When someone is hit, he or she must remain immobile for ten seconds, and after 20 minutes of play the teams' scores are counted. It is possible to rent the entire arena for an hour. 

    Grafiska Vägen 32
    Gothenberg, 412 63

    »Göteborgs Universitetsaula

    Gothenburg University College was founded by a private initiative in 1891, it received university status in 1907. The University building in Vasaparken was opened in 1907, but the institute grew quickly, and the building became too small. The solution was to rent or buy premises in the Lorensberg area, within walking distance of the new university library in Renströmsparken. In 1954, the institution was nationalized and adopted the new name of The University of Gothenburg. The building in Vasaparken is a magnificent edifice with quadratic granite pillars. On the sides of the grand stairs stand two lion statues. Today, The University of Gothenburg hosts a variety of public events in the old building.

    Gothenburg, 411 17


    Guldhedstornet was built in 1953, designed by architect Nils Einar Eriksson. It is a water tower that serves 10 percent of Gothenburg's population. The tower itself isn't very high, but it stands on a hill and therefore commands a great view of the city. When the weather is clear, you can see all the way out to Vinga, in the west. If you get hungry, there is a café in the tower. To get there take tram 6 from Brunnsparken to the final stop, Dr. Sydows gata. Or take bus 51 from Korsvägen to Syster Estrids gata. You can also go by car; parking is available.

    Doktor Sven Johanssons backe 1
    Gothenburg, 413 25
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