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Eklandagatan 51-53, Gothenburg, SE, 40022

  • Phone: (46) 31 7677000
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»Carlanderska Parken

Carlanderska is a private nursing hospital that used to house a regiment. The park within the hospital is situated on Eklandagatan, just behind Renströmsparken. From here, you can enjoy a cool view of Liseberg. It is said that the small hill next to the hospital used to hold gallows.

Gothenborg, 405 45


Designed by architect Sigfrid Ericson, Johannebergskyrkan church opened its doors on Thanksgiving Day 1940, when the world was besieged by World War II. The stunning altar piece, which is a bronze sculpture by Johan Lundqvist, but the true highlight of the church, perhaps not known to many, is its underground, spherical room located underground. While it is not very clear as to what purpose this room served, it is commonly believed that it was a refuge against gun fighting, bomb attacks and frequent battles during the war. Johannebergskyrkan also organizes workshops, bible lessons and events for both children and adults.  

Walleriusgatan 1
Gothenburg, 412 58

»Chalmers University of Technology

The Chalmers University of Technology located in the Johanneberg district of Gothenburg is a leading technical college which is regularly ranked among the top schools in the world by prominent institutions such as the Fortune Global 500 and the Times Higher Education Group. Its alumni include notable businessmen and women, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians, architects, artists, twelve of the country's presidents and Gustaf Dalén, the Nobel laureate in Physics. Established in 1829, it is named after its founder, Williams Chalmers of the Swedish East India Company and was privately owned until 1937. Currently it consists of 17 main departments with most of them focusing on architecture, engineering, maritime research and natural sciences.

Maskingränd 2
Gothenburg, 412 58


Kanonen is an operational roller coaster in Liseberg. The ride's framework is completely made out of steel and goes upto a height of 24 meters (79 feet). The roller coaster's structure was designed and mastered by Werner Stengel.

Gothenburg, 41263

»Balder (roller coaster)

Balder is a one-of-its-kind roller coaster in Liseberg which features a wooden (prefabricated) structure. Operational since 2003, the ride was designed by Ingenieurbüro Stengel GmbH. To its credit on international grounds, Balder was honored as the Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster in 2003 and 2005.

Orgytevagen 5
Gothenburg, 40222


Helix is an operational roller coaster in Liseberg. The ride's framework is completely made out of steel and goes upto a height of 41 meters (135 feet). The roller coaster's structure was designed and mastered by Werner Stengel and manufactured by Mack Rides. The ride opened to the public in 2014. Fact: with 7 inversions, Helix is the second longest ride of its type in the world.

Gothenburg, 41254

»Gothenburg University Library

 Gothenburg University Library features 10 different libraries. Learning Resource Centres are also a part of this library. Gothenbury University Library also happens to be one of the most visited libraries in this country. Nearly 1.6 million people visit Gothenburg University Library for various kinds of research work. It is also a place where researchers, teachers and students belonging to University of Gothenburg meet and interact. Gothenburg's citizens also use this library as a cultural centre, apart from a culture and knowledge resource. KvinnSam, a library covering gender studies is also housed inside the Gothenburg University Library. You can check the website for library opening and closing hours.  

Renströmsgatan 4
Gothenburg, 405 30


Most amusement parks in Sweden feature drop towers that thrill adventure enthusiasts with drops from breathtaking heights. AtmosFear is one such ride in Liseberg, standing at a height of 116 meter tall (381 feet). The drop thrills with a fall at 68 mph (109 km/h). It opened to the public in 2011.

Gothenburg, 41254


Renströmsparken is located just behind Götaplatsen. There are many university buildings in the park, for instance the Gothenburg University Library, the Central Library and the faculty building, Humanisten. In front of the library and Humanisten, there is a sculpture named Solringen, which consists of a large circle and a small fountain. In the summer, it is very refreshing to sit by the sculpture with your feet submerged in the fountain. There is also a pond in the park called Näckrosdammen (the Water-Lily Pond). For the children, there is a small playground next to the pond. Renströmsparken is only a few minutes' walk from Götaplatsen.

Renströmsparken 4
Gothenburg, 412 55


Näckrosdammen (the Lily Pond) is in Renströmsparken. There is never much snow in Gothenburg, and is usually not cold enough for the water to freeze; but when it does, take your skates down to Näckrosdammen. Just check that the ice is strong enough. No ice-skate hire is available here. There are a few benches around the park to rest on. During term-time, the cafeteria in the Humanisten university building is open in case you get hungry. Catch buses 40 or 41 to Götaplatsen to get here.

off Olof Wijkskatan
Gothenburg, 412 56


Craft brewery, Oceanbryggeriet is a popular local brewery. With a constantly rotating selection of brews and ales, the brewery changes its selection of products according to the seasons. From lighter pale ales to darker stouts, the selection on offer is quite good. Supplying over 150 restaurants and retail stores, the brew is available in select locations. Beer enthusiasts can visit the brewery by scheduling a visit on the website with a minimum group of 8 and maximum number of 20 people. There is no bar or restaurant on site. The Oceanbryggeriet is located on the original site of the old Lyckholmsbryggeriets. For additional details or to book a visit, please contact the brewery directly via the website.

Skårs Led 2, Lokal 12C 2
Gothenburg, 412 63


At Scandinavia's largest amusement park, called Liseberg, you'll find rides ranging from child-friendly carousels to terrifying roller-coasters. The main stage offers concerts by many famous Swedish and international artists. The park is open daily May to August, on weekends only in April and September-October. Liseberg is also open for a short winter season, when you can enjoy a typical Swedish Christmas market and pony riding. Call ahead for varied dates.

Gothenburg, 402 22
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