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Ohrdrufer Strasse 2b, Gotha, DE, 99867

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Arts & Museums

»Museum of Nature

Situated near the Schlossmuseum Gotha, the Museum of Nature is a good spot for those interested in learning more about natural history. It is housed in a historic building that was constructed during the 19th Century and exhibits the Neo-Renaissance style of architecture with distinct French elements. Here, visitors are acquainted with exhibits such as myriad fossils, minerals and preserved specimens of flora and fauna, through which, one can find a connecting link and understand the evolution of life on Earth and its rich biodiversity.

Parkallee 15
Gotha , 99867


Barfüsserkirche is a few minutes away from the Angermuseum Erfurt and is a former Franciscan abbey. This medieval structure was destroyed except for some parts during the World War II bombings. Its ruins are considered to be among the best in German monasteries. Today it is a branch of the art museum due to its valuable objects. It contains the city's oldest stained glass, choir, beautiful altars, stone sculptures and grave stones.

Barfüßerstraße 20
Erfurt, 99084

»Angermuseum Erfurt

Set in the former custom-house of the Electoral Mainz Pack, a beautiful 18th-century Baroque building, Angermuseum Erfurt was established as an art gallery in 1886. It went on to become a full-fledged art museum after donations, gifts and more poured in from citizens, increasing their collection. Today it features an enviable exhibition of medieval art, fine art and contemporary. Get fascinated by the Heckelraum, a domed space on the ground floor featuring a mural called "Stages of Life" by Erich Heckel. The various artworks which includes portraits, still life, landscape and religious art displayed in their halls are truly riveting. It is a must-visit stop for anyone who appreciates art.

Anger 18
Erfurt, 99084

»Museum für Thüringer Volkskunde

Museum für Thüringer Volkskunde is among the largest folklore museums in the nation. Housed on the former Großes Hospital, it has an amazing collection of textiles, objects, religious art, ceramics, furniture, ceramics, glass, folk art, craft, musical instruments and jewelry. Explore the exhibits through workshops by basket makers, toy makers, glass blowers and mask makers.

Juri-Gagarin-Ring 140a
Erfurt, 99084

»Bachhaus Eisenach

The Bach House or Bachhaus, is located on Frauenplan in the Thruingian town of Eisenach, which is where the legendary musician Johann Sebastian Bach was born. Dedicated to the legendary musician, this museum features over 250 artifacts and various ephemera, including a rare autograph. Housed within a historic structure that is over 500 years old, which was once wrongly advertised as Bach's birthplace, the museum was established in 1907. Open daily, from 10a onward, Bachhaus makes for an interesting visit whether you're history buff or a classical music enthusiast.

Frauenplan 21
Eisenach , 99817

»Automobile Welt Eisenach

Automobile Welt Eisenach is a must visit for those who love cars. This museum opened in 1967 on Wartburgallee till 1995. It is now housed at the former factory of the Automobilwerks Eisenach. It documents the history of car-making in Eisenach from 1896 till date with various vehicles. The divided sections offers a great insight into the automobile industry and the models range from vintage, rare to the more modern types. Get a fascinating glimpse of the first Wartburg engine car, DIXI, BMW and more.

Friedrich-Naumann-Straße 10
Eisenach , 99817

»Lutherhaus Eisenach

Lutherhaus or Luther House is the historic house of Eisenach, located on Lutherplatz. Named for its most famous occupant, Martin Luther, the house-turned museum makes for exceedingly interesting visit. It is said that the legendary Catholic monk tarried here for over three years, after he arrived in this charming town, way back in 1498. He is said to have stayed with the family Cotta, who owned the house at that time. The two rooms that the monk had taken up for residence were turned into a museum in 1956. The site features interesting Reformation documents and artifacts that shed light on evolution of Protestant Reformation. Although not as prolific as the Bachhaus nearby, Lutherhaus makes for a pleasant and insightful visit. The on-site historic restaurant Lutherkeller only adds to the mystical allure of the place.

Lutherplatz 8
Eisenach, 99817

»Buchenwald Memorial

Buchenwald Memorial is the site of the first Nazi concentration camp and the largest of its kind in Germany. It was established in 1937 on Ettersberg to persecute political prisoners, Jews, Poles, Roma, criminals, prisoners of war, Freemasons, homeless people, the mentally ill, homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses. It contained inmates from all across Europe and in total had 250,000 captives. They were forced to labor in the armament industry. Over 56,000 were killed through torture and medical experiments. This was till 1945, when the World War II ended. From 1945 till 1950, it was used as a special camp by the Soviet Union and the atrocities continued for the hostages till it was dissolved. Today it is a national memorial and contains cemeteries, the prison building, crematorium and library. Get a glimpse of extreme racism and intolerance through the exhibitions and archives as well. It is advisable not to bring children aged below 12 years old to witness the gruesome crimes held here. It also serves as a reminder of the terror unleashed by the Third Reich.

Buchenwald 6
Weimar, 99427
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