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    »Schloss Friedenstein

    Admire the colossal Schloss Friedenstein, a stunning Baroque style palace built in the 17th century. It is known to be the largest structure in the city and a significant attraction. Its interiors are ornamented with beautiful paintings, frescoes and contemporary furniture. The regal artifacts, court theater and ballrooms are other sights to lookout for. The castle building is home to thematic museums and cultural spaces like theaters. The idyllic gardens outside too are worth all the awe. This heritage site also feature exhibitions and other such events regularly.

    Gotha, 99867

    »Alte Tambacher Talsperre

    It is often said that traveling or exploring is not just about reaching destinations, but it is the journey that's equally important. The route to the wonderful all but proves this right. Alte Tambacher Talsperre is located at the river source and offers a very pretty, scenic biking trail to reach the location. The dam itself is nestled in the arms of a lush green stretch. Apart from being an architectural marvel, Alte Tambacher Talsperre is also an important source for water retention and conversation. A trip to this place sure to refresh and interesting to undertake.

    Talsperrenstrasse 23
    Tambach-Dietharz, 99897

    »Zitadelle Petersberg

    Zitadelle Petersberg forms the crowning glory of Erfurt's past. This well preserved fortress was built on a Benedictine monastery in 1665. It was built primarily to protect the the German Electorate at the time from Protestant attacks. Further on, it served as a military outpost during the two world wars. Sections of the site were opened to the public from 1963 and from the 1990s it underwent planned restoration. The main attraction remains the eerie labyrinth of passageways that lies beneath the fortress. Tourists flock to the site to explore the area and one can also hire the help of tour guides from the region.

    Erfurt, 99084


    Severikirche was the former location of St. Paul Church in the 8th Century. However, the structure of this church has been destroyed and reconstructed several times with various structural changes. Finally Severikirche was built between 11th and 12th century and is considered the oldest church of the city. This spectacular Neo-Gothic structure organizes prayer services and events regularly. A haven of peace and tranquility, Severikirche is a must-visit for everyone.

    Erfurt , 99084

    »Cathedral of St. Mary

    The Cathedral Of St.Mary is one of the most fascination sights in Erfurt. Its steeples and carvings  makes everyone stare in wondrous awe. But that's not the least the cathedral has to offer, the bell it holds,Maria Gloriosa is the world's largest free swinging bell. It has a pure and melodic sound known to bring a bit of joy in people's lives when it rings. The cathedral is also a site where the Cathedral Steps Festival takes place on its glorious steps. Thus in a nutshell the Cathedral of St. Mary is truly one of the world's hidden beauties that must be brought out in the open.

    Domstufen 1
    Erfurt, 99084


    Dating back to the late 18th Century, the Domplatz is a grandiose market place which is lined by historic houses that reveal the architecture of different eras. Holding an important place on the city's itinerary, the Domplatz is also an important landmark on the local scene. Every year, locals and visitors come here to partake in the Christmas market which sets the beginning of the festive season. Besides that, the Domplatz also hosts religious processions, community events and local festivities all year round.

    Erfurt, 99084

    »Thomaskirche zu Erfurt

    Thomaskirche zu Erfurt is nothing but the "Thomas Church of Erfurt". The churchs' recent building is designed in the ancient Gothic architecture style as the church has witnessed a few historic milestones. Dating back to its 1282 first mention in a documentation till today, this parish church has been re-located and reconstructed a few times, the last being in 1950. Believed to be among the few tall towers of the city, the Thomas Church is quite popular for its unique four bells. A memorable visit to cherish.

    Schillerstrasse 48
    Erfurt, 99096


    Erfurt is a city with remarkably preserved historical architecture. The medieval city center and the two incredible cathedrals are the main attractions. There is a 14th-century bridge--the Krämerbrücke--which has over 30 inhabited buildings on it, including two churches. Martin Luther studied at the University here as well.

    Fischmarkt 1
    Erfurt, 99084


    Dating back to the 13th Century, the Predigerkirche is a Protestant church constructed beside the Predigerkloster. In spite of seeing several renovations in its past, the church continues to exude its archaic charm and grandeur. This peaceful respite is home to prayers, mass, sermons and other religious services all year round. Besides that, visitors can also attend the concerts conducted by the church choir. It is truly a delight to listen to these spiritually-charged melodies. Call for details.

    Erfurt, 99084


    Michaeliskirche, a stunning Evangelical church, was built between circa 1278 and 1290. Although the church has tolerated the ravages of time and war, it continues to beckon art lovers with its splendid architecture. The Michaeliskirche holds an eminent position in the city's itinerary, thanks to its cemetery which holds a Gothic splendor and its grandiose tower which is considered to be the oldest in the city. Besides that, Martin Luther, Germany's most celebrated theologian, attended mass at this quaint church. If you have an interest in history or architecture, you must definitely visit the Michaeliskirche.

    Erfurt, 99084


    The Lutherkirche otherwise known as the Luther Church, is a classic beauty of Erfurt. The site dates back to world war one, thus making it a historical monument with a story to tell. It's a must see when in Erfurt, the calm and peace will envelope you. It's the perfect place to be when in search for some tranquility. Be sure to visit it, if for nothing else but the history behind it.

    Magdeburger Allee 55
    Erfurt, 99086


    Famous through out Europe because of being surrounded on half timber buildings on both the sides, the Kramerbrucke is a must-see for all. A walk on this bridge is truly a treat for the senses, as you are surrounded by gorgeous buildings on both sides, while the serene river Gera flows gently below. Do visit this bridge, which is has an important place in the history of the city.

    Erfurt, 99084
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