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Koenigsbruecker Strasse 121a, Dresden, DE, 01099

  • Phone: (49) 35 180630
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»Garrison Church of St. Martin (Garnisonskirche St. Martin)

St. Martin's church was built in the late 19th century for the soldiers stationed in nearby Albertstadt. It catered for soldiers of both confessions and, as such, is one of the very few bi-confessional churches in Germany. One of the most beautiful neo-Romanesque churches in Saxony, the interior is dominated by ornamental paintings, a fine altar and sandstone pulpit. Undamaged by the great air-raid of 1945, the church was recently renovated and is now used for Catholic services only (10:30a Su). There is a great view of the city from the top of the tower.

Stauffenbergallee 9
Dresden, 01099

»Bohemian Quarter

Located at a short distance from Baroque Quarter, this major tourist attraction falls in the Äußere Neustadt neighborhood of Dresden. The Bohemian Quarter is truly amazing when it comes to shopping, eating, interacting with locals, or simply adoring the beauty of this city. Boasting of trendy little shops selling handicrafts, jewellery and garments, the quarter is also home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Also, you must visit the Pfunds Dairy, which is claimed to be the most beautiful dairy shop in the world. A visit to this area is highly recommended, if you are a compulsive shopper or crazy foodie.

Görlitzer Straße
Dresden, 01099

»Kunsthofpassage Dresden

The Kunsthofpassage Dresden is a must-visit spot for its whimsical architectural elements. This wacky neighborhood consists of a series of five courtyards with buildings in each displaying individual themes: Hof der Tiere (Farm Animals), Hof der Metamorphosen (Courtyard of the Metamorphoses), Hof der Elemente (Courtyard of the Elements), Hof des Lichts (Yard of Light) and Hof der Fabelwesen (Court of the Mythical Creatures). In the first one, pista green buildings are adorned with wicker balconies and animal reliefs such as monkeys jumping on a giraffe. It is a pleasure to spot hidden animals like buffaloes as well. The houses in the third coutyard are painted an intense blue color and have a series of twisting pipes and funnels. Its design is such that when it rains, this system creates melodious music and whistling tunes, reminiscent of an orchestra. The Yard of Light is replete with metallic mirrors to reflect sunlight in a spectrum of colors. This neighborhood is also known for its colorful shops selling local souvenirs, knick knacks and designer apparel.

Görlitzer Strasse 23
Dresden, 01099

»Kunsthofpassage - Funnel Wall

Listen to the music of the rains at the Funnel Wall. Head over to the Kunsthofpassage the next time it rains and hear the water gushing through the funnels in a melodious rush. The funnels make up the drainage system of the building and are designed in a manner to attract the attention of passers-by. A thrilling experience, ensure that you don't miss it.

Görlitzer Straße 23
Dresden, 1099

»Neustädter Hausbrauerei

Tucked away in Äußere Neustadt, this microbrewery is truly a hidden gem. Located on Schönbrunnstraße, Neustädter Hausbrauerei is best known for it's brewed miracles like Bio-Neustadt Hell, which is one of very few organic beers in Saxony. Apart from bio-beer, numerous other ales and ciders, like Neustädter Dresden Cider and Neustädter Elbhang Rot, are also brewed on site. Informative guided tours are a part of the visit, they also have enlightening seminars on brewing quite regularly. For those of you who support experiential learning than just the theory, tasting is a big part of the visit, of course. Check their website for upcoming events and more information.

Schönbrunnstraße 1
Dresden, 01097

»Martin Luther Church (Martin-Luther Kirche)

Built between 1833-87 and standing in the centre of a small square, Martin Luther Church appears gigantic in comparison to neighbouring buildings. Like most Protestant churches built during this period, the building is dominated by neo-gothic and neo-Romanesque elements. The old stained glass windows show scenes from the life of Jesus. Visitors can climb to the top of the steeple and enjoy beautiful views of the city. A war memorial, erected in 1928, is situated behind the church.

Martin-Luther-Platz 5
Dresden, 01099

»Old Jewish Cemetery (Alter Jüdischer Friedhof)

In July 1751, the Jewish community was granted burial space, Alter Judischer Friedhof on the other side of the town boundaries, between the sites that are today Pulsnitzer and Priessnitz Street. By a century on, 1067 graves had been installed and the remaining 198 had been assigned. In 1869, the cemetery was ordered by the city to close, yet it remains the oldest Jewish cemetery in Saxony. Those who would be interested in viewing the weathered, ivy-covered gravestones may only do so by prior appointment. The neighboring information center, Hatikva sometimes runs informative guided tours of this cemetery.

Pulsnitzer Straße 10-12
Dresden, 01099

»Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen

Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen is happiness in the form of beer! Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen is one of the oldest breweries in the country. Its dark beer and wheat beer are stuff of legends and can be savored to the full in the rustic cellar or out in the beer garden, which also boasts great views of the city. Besides the brewery, visitors can also sit at the restaurant and savor in some food while washing it down with some of the finest beers. There is live music every evening apart from Sundays. The meals are good and filling.

Am Brauhaus 8b
Dresden, 01099


Albertplatz is a unique square which is circular in shape and located in the Äußere Neustadt district of Dresden. The place was built in 1817, changed quite a few names but was finally called the Albertplatz in the honor of King Albert I. It is constructed in a way to provide convenient and swift transport from Elbe river bend to the inner parts of the city. The square is an address to some of the most notable buildings of the city. Also, the square is beautified by the presence of many artistic fountains such as the Artesischen Brunnens and the famous twin fountains Zwillingsbrunnen Stürmische Wogen (westlich der Haltestelle) und Stille Wasser (östlich). In addition, many historic monuments and museums line the vicinity of Albertplatz. 

Dresden, 01097

»Old Slaughterhouse (Alter Schlachthof)

The Alte Schlachthof is a huge complex of halls that is extremely popular in and around Dresden. There are often techno and house parties at this former sausage and meat factory, as well as a series of concerts and shows. Call or check the web site for details and ticket information.

Gothaer Straße 11
Dresden, 01097

»Rose Garden

The Rose Garden on Carusufer was designed by Heinrich Balke in 1936 as a part of a horticulture show. Considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the city, Dresden's Rose Garden was appreciated as one of the most significant steps towards Urban Design. Tragically, though, much of it was destroyed during World War II. Following some restorations in the 1950s, the Rose Garden took a very contemporary demeanour, losing some of it's old-world allure. Nevertheless, even today, the gorgeous attraction, with its beautiful rose shrubs, ornamental pieces and sculptures, overlooking the River Elbe, is truly a vision.

Dresden, 01099

»Waldschlösschen Bridge

The Waldschlösschen is a bridge over River Elbe, located in the north-east part of Dresden. The construction of this 635-meter (2083.33 foot) structure began in 2007 and it was officially inaugurated in August 2013. The bridge is significant in the history of Dresden as the historic Elbe Valley had to lose the UNESCO World Heritage Site title because of its establishment. According to UNESCO, the bridge marred the beauty of one of the city's major attractions.

Dresden, 01307
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