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    »Dynamite! Shop

    Dynamite! Shop is your one stop shop for souvenirs and memorabilia. The shelves here also stock a wide range of CDs and DVDs, toys, posters, jewelery as well as comic figurines and accessories.

    Wiesenstrasse 6
    Mörfelden-Walldorf, 69190

    »Markt am Rathaus

    Heidelberg's biggest and most central farmers' market takes place on Wedensdays and Saturdays at the Rathausplatz in front of the Holy Ghost Church. Fruits and vegetables are sold, as well as cheese, fish, herbs, and honey. Specialties of the south (e.g. olives, pepperoni, feta cheese and mozarella) are also on offer. The flower stand is especially beautiful.

    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Down Town Records

    This alternative record store is a gem of the Old Town. From 50s blues to 70s glam, everything is on offer. Should you miss out on anything, it can always be ordered immediately. The clientele mostly consists of students and vinyl lovers.

    Kettengasse 5
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Ziehank Universitätsbuchhandlung

    Just set off on an expedition of book discoveries: a terrifically huge offer of 100,000 books is waiting for you. In the book store, Ziehank Universitätsbuchhandlung, presumably the biggest in Heidelberg, you will find fiction and travel literature, pocket books in languages other than German. Also available are the academic literature for various fields like economy and business, natural sciences, informatics, law, psychology, sociology, architecture, linguistics and literature, music, theology and philosophy. The service is as impeccable as the assortment. You can order books from abroad, and the ordered books are delivered within Heidelberg without an extra charge. Delivery is also possible to foreign countries, you order by credit card and the book store sends you the books.

    Universitätsplatz 12
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Weiss'sche Universitätsbuchhandlung

    This book shop is one of the oldest ones in the whole of Germany – at least there are grounds for this assumption as the year dates back to 1593. And indeed, the ambience radiates something venerable, thanks to the antique bookcases near the entrance, a sight that evokes a picture of times long ago. Inspite of age and tradition, the assortment has not collected any dust in all those years, but offers scientific works as well as current editions of literary fiction and poetry.

    Universitätsplatz 8
    Heidelberg, 69117


    This store tries to appeal to buyers with varying tastes. On first inspection,it appears innocently enough just like any other Heidelberg Haupstraße souvenir shop, with the area just inside the front door packed with wooden figures, wooden clocks, and small toys and things to bring the children. With each step, however, more merchandise reveals itself: there are products from Henckel, the German maker of quality knives (and now, apparently, even stainless steel clippers for nose hair); clothing and jackets for women; drinking steins and pewter cups; fine china and porcelain; and a range of upscale handbags for ladies.

    Hauptstrasse 151-153
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Potter Books

    This shop will appear like paradise to those just learning English or those who already know and love this language: here you will come across countless English books from different parts of the world. Besides textbooks for the language and for business English, there are, of course, a good choice of classic English literature, furthermore English novels, romances, and phantasy literature and, last but not least, scientific or philosophical works in English. The whole selection is presented in a modern and friendly ambience which makes it fun to rummage about.

    Plöck 93
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Fremdsprachenbuchhandlung Wetzlar

    From the outside this book store doesn't look that attractive; inside, however, a wonderful and wide world of important foreign languages unfolds itself. You will find textbooks in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. Those who already have a firmer grasp of a language will be pleased about the literary texts in each language that are suitable for beginners. Of course there are suitable books for those learning German as a foreign language. And if you do not find what you're looking for – the staff is very friendly and helpful, just ask them.

    Plöck 79
    Heidelberg, 69117


    Sometimes it seems as if clothing stores are either unisex, for women only, or stuffy old places where the crowd buys drab suits and on audacious days, paisley umbrellas. Men are in luck here, however, for this store caters exclusively to those with styles that are far from boring. There are a few suits and sports jackets, but further inside you will happen across quite a good selection of casual clothes that are especially good for 20- to 30-somethings. The prices are surprisingly low.

    Hauptstrasse 89
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Phönix Bücher

    One of the off line branches of www.buch.de is to be found here in Heidelberg. In contrast to the virtual world you can here take a book from the shelf, flick through it and put it back or take it to the cash desk. This real world is presented in a large-scale and modern ambience. On the upper floor, something special is waiting for you: you can take a seat at a table, flick through the books in peace and meanwhile enjoy for 50 Pfennig a hot drink like coffee or espresso from a machine. Please take care, however, not to leave any coffee stains on the books.

    Hauptstrasse 86
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Leanders Leseladen

    The Leseladen specializes in books for children and teenagers and advises you willingly and well. The range reaches beyond the traditional fairy tales and fantastic adventures and offers many topics that give children an insight into life and growing up. For further information, please check the website.

    Marzgasse 6-8
    Heidelberg, 69117

    »Tee Flowery

    The assorted advertisements posted outside and around this store offering healing seminars of various sorts may be welcome invitations for tired souls, but just step inside and let a hot cup of tea do its work on you. A big selection of assorted teas is available in an arrangement by which you pay by weight for the amount you need, including more exotic varieties than those found at your local supermarket, such as Gudichi, from the Himalayas.

    Neugasse 12
    Heidelberg, 69117
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