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    »Asker Kirke

    Asker kirke, built in 1879 stands on the site of an old church (1100s) that was burned down in 1878. The brickwork structure houses many old artifacts such as the pulpit from 1716, Baptismal Font of 1705 and the Altarpiece of 1724, all of which are designed by the celebrated artist Lars Sivertsen. Now a local church, Asker offers not only regular worship but also a range of community activities for children, adults and senior citizen of its parish.

    Kirkelia 3
    Asker, 1371

    »Tanum Church

    Tanum Church, built in the 1100s was made famous by a painting by Harriet Backer (1845-1932). Someone had foreseen its collapse on a Whitsunday, but there is little to suggest that the prediction will ever come true, as the mortar-coated stone walls look as solid as ever. Legend tells us that the Church was not originally planned to be located here, but one dark night the building materials were moved here by unknown pranksters. The sombre interior contains fourteenth-century murals and sculptures, as well as Frederich Zebal's Renaissance altarpiece (1663). Around 1722 the church was enlarged by eight meters. The ceiling frescoes date from that period, as do the pulpit and the baptismal font (1724). The whole church was restored in the 1970s. On one corner of the wall that surrounds the churchyard, you should see the "Singing Bridal Stone," off which newlywed brides used to mount their horses. The church's southern entrance was bricked up after a jealous murder took place under it. Needless to say, this church is an interesting tourist spot.

    Tanumveien 133
    Bærum, 1341

    »Kalvya Island (Kalvya)

    Kalvya is an excellent place for families to go swimming. Only about 20 minutes by bus or train from Oslo, Kalvya offers beautiful nature and fresh air. Walk the short distance from the bus stop in Sandvika, cross the bridge to the island and you are there. Close to the two sandy bays on the west side of Kalvya; there is a large park, often used for football matches and other ballgames. Rock festivals and other events take place here several times during the summer. An alternative to the island is Kadettangen, turn left just before the bridge and find a good spot on the sandy beach.

    Kalvøya 1
    Sandvika, 1337

    »Veritas Park

    Veritas-parken includes shaded walking paths in quiet woods and a long, narrow, often deserted beach with fabulous views of the fjord. This park stretches from the Henie-Onstad Art Centre to the offices of the Norwegian Veritas in Blommenholm just outside the city. Why not combine a stroll or a swim with a visit to the museum or lunch at the museum's renowned restaurant, Blgen & Moi? To get there by car take the E6 from the city centre towards Sandvika/Blommenholm/Brum and use the museum's car park; by bus you can get nos. 32, 36 or 37 from the Old University in the city centre.

    Bærum, 1363

    »Haslum Church

    Those with an interest in medieval stone churches should see Haslum Church, which celebrated its 800-year anniversary in 1990. Behind its imposing stone walls (1.5-meters, or 5-feet thick), the wooden statues of the Virgin Mary and the Bishop are copies of Medieval originals that have been moved to the Antiquities Collection at the University of Oslo. Also of interest are the Renaissance altarpiece (1631) and pulpit (1590-1642), as well as the baroque baptismal font (1736). The paintings on the ceiling were executed by Axel Revold in 1920. The thirteenth-century church bell is still going strong. Underground line 3 (in the direction of Kolsås) or bus 143 will take you there from the city center in about 25 minutes.

    Gamle Ringeriksvei 86
    Bærum, 1356

    »Jar kirke

    At the first glance Jar kirke hardly looks like a church, yet it is a safe haven for those of the faith. Predominantly a brickwork structure, it was built in 1965 by Dagfinn Morseth and Mads Wiel Gedde Per Qvam to seat 450 people. Apart from regular services, it also organizes various community events such as gyms for senior citizens, management development training for young adults, local concerts and much more.

    Wedel Jarlsbergs vei 20
    Jar, 1358


    Huk actually houses two beaches on its site. If you want to shed your worries, stresses, and all of your clothing, the nude beach awaits your arrival. If you want to opt for a more traditional beach experience, there's also a beach that requires clothing at this site. It's only a nice bike ride from central Oslo, or you could even go on skates. You are not allowed to play your radio here (unless you have headphones), or run around with your camera pointing at people to ensure the privacy of other people relaxing at the beach. There is a kiosk that sells ice cream and soft drinks in the summer, and a restaurant just ten minutes away. Nice walking trails and other beaches are nearby.

    Oslo, 0286

    »Bygdy Peninsula

    Bygdy is a peninsula packed with leisure activities for everyone. Many of the city's museums are situated here, and you can easily spend the whole day visiting them. The Vikingskiphuset are a must. There are also great beaches, which are excellent for swimming and sun-bathing. You could see the King's farm, or visit a small castle used as a summer residence by a previous king. Alternatively, take a pleasant stroll among the many magnificent houses of this affluent residential area (home to former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland). The best way to get there in the summer is by ferry from the pier in front of the Town Hall. Bus number 30 will get you there all year round.

    Oslo, 0374

    »Bygdø Kongsgard

    One place where you cannot miss going to whilst in Oslo is Bygdø Kongsgard. This royal house with spectacular architecture dates back to the over a thousand years. The royal and guided tours are held every 20 minutes and lasts for approximately an hour, for the public in the summers. To visit the palace and to find out more information on the same, check out the website or call ahead.

    Bygdøyveien 41
    Oslo, 0287

    »Ullern Church

    The Ullern Church, built in 1903 was designed by Harald Bødtker. Besides regular worship, it also provides for various activities for children and adults alike. From music to leadership training courses, it is makes for a good community church.

    Holgerslystveien 22
    Oslo, 0280

    »Gol Stave Church

    Stave Church is easily Norway's most significant contribution to the world's religious architecture the closest thing to Gothic cathedrals in this country. Elsewhere in Europe, this structure allowed for large bay windows and luminous interiors; here, light is admitted only through narrow peep-holes, a fact that can be explained by the cold climate as well as in terms of the Norwegian idea of light. As they were made entirely of wood, stave churches were tarred every three years, otherwise there would not be as many as 28 of them still standing. In 1880, the dilapidated Gol Stave Church was moved to the Bygdy peninsula and restored at the expense of King Oscar II, to embellish his then newly opened outdoor museum. Attending the regular Lutheran service or the occasional Roman Catholic Mass held here is a memorable experience. Services are held on Sundays at 1.15p while Catholic mass is held only occasionally.

    Museumsveien 10
    Oslo, 0287


    Considered to be one of the masterpieces of Neo-Gothic architecture in Norway, the Oscarshall slott, or palace, can be found on the peninsular protrusion of Bygdøy in the western part of the city. This tribute to the aesthetic sense of Norwegian royalty was built by Danish architect Johan Henrik Nebelong, under the orders of King Oscar I and Queen Josephine, and was completed in 1852. The castle was sold to the Norwegian government in 1863 by King Charles IV, and since 1881 it has been a popular attraction for tourists and architecture enthusiasts. Also operating as a museum, the castle's interiors are a testament to the talents of Norway's fine artists, who had decorated its rooms. See the website to know more.

    Oslo, 0287
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