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5800 rue des Arpents, Levis, QC, CA, G6V 0B5

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  • Attractions

    »Lévis Forts

    The Lévis Forts are a range of forts located to the south of Saint Lawrence River. Built between between 1865 and 1872, these forts were at a close distance from each other. Their purpose was to protect Québec against America. Today, these forts sites are open to visitors for exploring. Guided tours, group tours and discovery tours of the site are conducted to enlighten the visitors. A horde of events take place at this facility for children and adults alike. Summer camps and concerts which are conducted here are like a cherry on the cake. So go ahead and explore the world of history!

    41 Chemin du Gouvernement
    Lévis, QC G6V 7B1

    »Saint Lawrence River

    The Saint Lawrence River is the river that connects the Canadian province of Quebec with the American state of Michigan. This scenic river drains into the Great Lakes of North America and leaves behind a beautiful landscape for Quebec to enjoy. With several recreation activities, the river shores are a haven for water lovers. With sports like canoeing, kayaking, boating and whale watching, one can discover the secrets buried in the depths of this pristine blue river. One can visit the many river islands along the river, dominated by trademark white and red lighthouses, or just go on a scenic drive along the coastal roads. Whatever you do, the river is sure to overwhelm you.

    Boulevard Champlain
    Quebec City, QC G1R 3R2

    »Residence of the Governor General at the Citadelle

    One of the most beautiful structures at the citadel, this sprawling mansion is one of the official residences of the Governor General of Canada. Constructed in 1831 as part of the citadel, the mansion is one of the city's architectural gems. Visitors can explore this stately residence through the guided tours available year round. Apart from the striking architectural features, visitors will appreciate the rich collection of artwork as well as learn about the governor's official duties. There's a series of interesting activities for kids as well. Check website for more.

    Côte de la Citadelle
    Quebec City, QC G1R 4V7

    »Royal Battery

    Constructed in 1690 to fend off British attacks, this fortification at the Place Royale still displays original cannons. The Royal Battery saw most of its action during the siege of Quebec in 1759. In the summertime, staff explain the history of the cannons and the battery, including how the cannons were loaded and fired, and a description of the many perils that awaited the soldier in charge of these huge pieces of artillery. Children, in particular, are often fascinated by this well-preserved piece of Quebec's military history.

    37 Sous-le-Fort Street
    Quebec City, QC G1K 4E9

    »Quartier Petit Champlain

    This most beautifully preserved area of Vieux-Québec is also one of the city's cherished shopping districts. Quartier Petit Champlain is certainly heavily thronged to and many establishments cater to the visiting hordes.There are, nonetheless, many unique boutiques to be unearthed. Quebec fashion designers are featured heavily on the rue du Petit-Champlain, including Oclan, Point de Mire, Les Vêteries and Zazou. Numerous art and crafts galleries provide everything from souvenirs to high-end housewares; well-known stores include Brin de folie and the Galerie d'Art Bégin and Pauline Pelletier. High quality jewelery is on offer at the magnificent Pierre Vives and Louis Perrier Jewelers. The district abounds with cafes and restaurants.

    Rue du Petit Champlain
    Québec, QC G1K 4H5

    »La Maison Chevalier (Chevalier House)

    The Maison Chevalier was primarily an ancient structure dating back to the 16th century. Now, serving as a museum space, it offers visitors a glimpse into the the mansion's interior's. Guidebooks are made available in English.Check website for varying dates.

    27 rue Notre-Dame
    Quebec City, QC G1K 4E9


    Place Royale is a collection of buildings and narrow streets born in 1608, when explorer Samuel de Champlain established a secure fur trading post. It changed hands between the British and French, surviving fires and battles and eventually became Quebec City's version of "downtown." After a complete restoration, Place Royale is now the city's most picturesque place, sporting restaurants and cafes, as well as many tourist attractions. Be sure to visit the Maison Chevalier, the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church and the Interpretive center.

    27 rue Notre-Dame
    Quebec City, QC G1K 4E9

    ȃglise Notre-Dame-des-Victoires

    With a history dating back to the 17th Century, Église Notre-Dame-des-Victoires is one of the oldest places of worship in the city. The colonial French architecture of this building is breathtaking, and the church is a highlight of the Place Royale, attracting hordes of tourists throughout the year. The original church structure has sustained significant damage due to various factors including war, throughout its history, but has been restored to its former glory. In addition to worship services, the church hosts numerous events and concerts throughout the year.

    32 Rue Sous le Fort
    Quebec City, QC G1K 4E8

    »Escalier Casse-Cou

    Escalier Casse-Cou literally translates to "neck breaking steps". Take this mode of transport if you feel like taking a flight of stairs from the lower town to the upper town. Although a bit tedious, it's a sense of achievement after you have managed to get to the other neighborhood climbing all the stairs! And those who don't feel that fit can always resort to other means.

    Off Rue Saint Pierre
    Quebec City, QC G1K 4G8

    »Quebec Funicular (Funiculaire du Vieux Quebec)

    This historic railway makes the 210-foot (64 meter) trip from the Dufferin Terrace to the Lower Town at a 45 degree angle. In more or less continual service since 1879, the original steam engine and open cars have been updated, most recently in 1997. The thoroughly-modern funicular now runs year-round. A gift shop at the French-Colonial style base station offers various souvenirs.

    16 Petit-Champlain
    Quebec City, QC G1K 4H4

    »Chateau St. Louis

    Located in Quebec city, Chateau St. Louis was one of the most significant architectural pieces in the area. Being the former French Governor's official residence, it was later owned by the British Governor of Quebec. In January 1834, a fire caused destruction of the St. Louis and was hence rebuilt as terraces. In 2002, this site was added to the National Historic Site of Canada.

    1 Rue des Carrières
    Quebec City, QC G1R 6C7

    »Chalmers-Wesley United Church

    The imposing spire of this magnificent Neo-Gothic edifice is one of the most recognizable in the old city. Built in the 1850s, Chalmers-Wesley United Church is an extremely well-preserved monument, with stellar architectural details and original features. As you step-in, the stained glass windows from the late 19 Century will take your breath away. The sanctuary, with its original woodwork itself is worth admiring. Besides worship services, the church is actively involved in music and hosts a very popular Summer Concert Series. Check website for more.

    78 Sainte-Ursule
    Quebec City, QC G1R 4E8
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