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Av. Afonso Pena, 3761, Belo Horizonte, BR, 30130-008

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»A Obra

A Obra (meaning 'The Works') has been at the heart of the alternative/underground nightlife of Belo Horizonte since 1997. The bar offers a good selection of spirits and cocktails and a wide range of national and imported beers. The club is located in the basement of a building in the trendy Savassi area and is known for welcoming all sorts of live bands. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for special deals and the weekly agenda. They also do weekly email raffles of free entry tickets. Laid-back fun guaranteed.

Rua Rio Grande do Norte, 1168
Belo Horizonte, 30130-131

»Josefine Club

Josefine first opened in 2007 and has been a hot spot for the LGBT, alternative and arty/cult scenes in Belo Horizonte. The club has several lounges, bars, mezzanine and a huge dance floor with a video wall, all expertly designed by architect Fred Mafra. Their state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment make some of the most fun parties you will find. Recently, Josefine hosted Gambiarra, a nationally renowned party that goes to the main cities of Brazil and is incredibly popular with theater, film and TV folks.

Rua Antonio de Albuquerque, 729
Belo Horizonte, 30112-010

»Bwana Pub

The word bwana means "lord," "boss" or "sir" in Swahili. Bwana Pub's decoration is thus inspired in African safaris and its logo it a lion's paw print to remind you of the King of the Savannah. Despite the African theme, the music is all Brazilian. Both live bands and DJs will make you dance all night to the sounds of pagode, forró, sertanejo and axé, some of the most fun and energetic Brazilian rhythms. They have an open bar on Friday nights during the live band shows, and drinks include a range of beers, whiskeys and spirit and energy drink combos.

Rua Tomé de Souza, 1145
Belo Horizonte, 30140-131

»Circus Rock Bar

Circus Rock Bar is inspired by The Rolling Stones' 1968 movie, "The Rolling Stones' Rock'n'Roll Circus." The decoration and music of the club pay tribute to the greatest rock'n'roll bands from the 1960s until now. There are always two live bands performing every night as well as circus acts on certain nights of the week. There is a pool table on the ground floor and a sushi bar and lounge on the first floor. It is worth keeping an eye on their Facebook and Twitter profiles for special deals and themed nights every week.

Rua Gonçalves Dias, 2010
Belo Horizonte, 30140-092

»Deputamadre Club

Deputamadre Club is a great place to experience Belo Horizonte’s underground music scene. This happening venue is one of top five nightclubs in the city and is the mecca for electronic dance music. Their eclectic schedule features some of the best local and international DJs and artists. Open until 6am, dance until dawn for an unforgettable night about town. And if you fancy a different souvenir from Belo Horizonte, do check Deputamadre's own tattoo studio next door, open Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm.

Avenida Contorno 2028
Belo Horizonte, 30110-012


Alambique is what a cachaça distillery is called in Portuguese. It is then no surprise that this club offers 400 labels of the drink, served on its own as shots or mixed with different types of fruit to make the most famous Brazilian cocktail, caipirinha. It is quite a spacious club with lively decoration, two VIP rooms, five bars, stage and dance floor. Alambique is well-known for its live gigs, bringing both local and national country and folk artists to perform there five nights a week. Typical bar snacks and portions of finger food can be ordered all night. Staff are very friendly and the crowds are always up for a good time.

Avenida Raja Gabaglia, 3200
Belo Horizonte, 30350-540

»Club Cinco

Cinco means "five" in Portuguese and is a number that symbolizes many different things across cultures. It represents music and dancing for the Aztecs, perfection for the Mayans, life for Hindus, the center of all things in China and harmony for the Greek. Club Cinco aims to reflect all this in its futuristic-looking rooms and bars designed by local architect Carico. The club has special acoustic isolation and an interactive "video-wall" running along the dance floor. Famous local and international DJs guarantee hours of nonstop music and fun. In addition to being a brilliant club, Cinco runs social programs collecting and distributing school books, clothes and food for poor areas in Belo Horizonte, and donates 5% of its profits to charity.

Rodovia MG 030, 8625
Belo Horizonte, 34000-000

»Barra Beer

Barra Beer is an excellent option for enthusiasts of country and folk music. It is located in the Pampulha area with beautiful views of the lake. You can sit in the balcony sipping a local lager and tasting their famous bar nibbles while listening to a local duo playing Brazilian folk songs. There is a nice and relaxed atmosphere until about midnight, when the DJs take over and turn this chilled bar into an exciting dance floor, sticking to national country music but the kind that makes you want to grab a partner and show your moves rather than just sit and listen. There are special deals if it is your birthday, so it is worth asking at the door.

Avenida Presidente Antonio Carlos, 7585
Belo Horizonte, 31270-010
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